It is always in the liminal space that any kind of transformation or sacred initiation is possible. From an anthropological definition of rites of passage, during liminal period, the individual, who participates in a rite of transition, find himself/herself in an intermediary phase between two socially defined positions: the old role that he/she is abandoning and the new one that is yet to be achieved.

Liminal spaces are transitional and transformative spaces[1]. Such a process happens in an extra-ordinary space (beyond ordinary) and to access it, the person will have to get out of her comfort zone and survive for a certain amount of time in an unknown area, which can be potentially strange and dangerous. It is often these moments of transition, between the two, that brings about transformation in an individual.

When we enter into liminal space, we enter into a space where logic and reasoning has fewer grip on our beings. We are usually in a let go space and things start happening which we are not consciously choosing. Depending on the duration and intensity that these spaces create, the individual experiences various levels of consciousness. Various cultures use various terms to denote or classify these like past lives, sub conscious, realm of the spirits, the world of ancestors, heaven/hell etc.

Usually such a space is accessible in meditation, trance music or dance, high intensity life situations, life threatening events, use of certain drugs, use of plants, tantric sex, certain practices like Rebirth, Holotropic breathwork, Shamanic breathwork, WimHof breathing, inside sweat lodges, certain yogic postures, fasting etc.

In almost all ancient cultures, there are rites or festivals to create such environments. In such an ambience, there is the possibility for a boy to become a man and a girl to become a woman. There can be various kinds of rituals associated with the rites of passage for each tribe, culture, religion, clan, ethnic group, civilization. These rites of passages help individuals to open up towards a different reality and connect with their true purpose.

In our modern world, finding such initiations as well as availability of such spaces can be limited. For modern men and women, it is vital to find such liminal spaces to get out of our everyday reality and to connect to something more existential. This will help us to create some oasis in the vortex of ‘daily reality’ which overwhelms us so much.

The importance of liminal space is highly relevant as experiences created in such a space connect us back to our innate potential as both animals and spirits. Creation of such environment is crucial for the evolution of humanity as a whole.

[1] Julia Thomas, ‘Understanding how liminal space is different from other places’, December 2018