Breathing in Yab-Yum position is a tantric meditation practice with a partner. Yab-Yum is a Tibetan term which means ‘father-mother’ and it signifies the union between the masculine divine essence (Yab) and his consort (Yum).

It is a symbolic posture very much present in Vajrayana Buddhism or Tantric Buddhism. For Tibetans, Yab-Yum suggests two things: Sexual union and Deep union between love and wisdom.

Breathing in Yab-Yum position allows connecting deeply with another being through bodily contact, visual contact, breathing, alignment of chakras (energetic centers in the body) and feeling the energy.

It is a method through which we can use both body and breath to establish a subtle connection with your partner. Once you have found a comfortable position while keeping your vertical axis straight, you may enter into a meditative state with the other using breath and eye contact.

Here, the key is to be completely present to you and to the other. There is nothing else to do other than to be there fully alive. You can remain in this position as much as you wish.

For the beginners, I recommend to stretch your hips before and after this practice. Working on your flexibility is important to easily do this posture. You can also use cushions under your knees and back to make it more comfortable to practice.

It is possible that while you practice breathing in Yab-Yum position with your partner, the close contact between the two bodies and breathing may awaken your sexual energy.

In case of such an awakening, please remain present to this powerful energy in you without letting your natural impulsions take control over your actions and intentions. You can remain witness to what is happening and you may diffuse it throughout your body using your breath.

Such a process will help to bring consciousness about this energy and to refine it towards something more subtle.

For those who want to tread the adventurous path, you may experiment your sexual union using the Yab-Yum position, which provides a possibility to explore the spiritual aspect of such an act.

Om Mani Padme Hum! Jewel in the Lotus! Le joyau dans le lotus!


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