Some thoughts about a very important topic, the Lingam, or as used in our day to day language, penis, dick, prick, male sexual organ and so on and so forth.

The word lingam in Sanskrit signifies ‘the pillar of light”. For me it is the manifestation of the man’s presence in his body; it is the expression of his energy, his power and his vitality.

For a man, it is the door to his heart. The Lingam is the emissive pole of a man and with this presence he can penetrate the feminine and life.

Worshiping of Lingam opens a man’s heart because his brute sexual energy can be refined into the energy of love and beyond.

The Lingam is often considered as the animal and predator aspect of man or as something that is dirty. It is also the body part that is repressed, mutilated and used for abuse. Collectively we forget the symbolic and sacred aspects of this part of a man’s body.

Most of the time dishonored in our languages and cultures (both western & eastern), we devalue this masculine part in various subtle ways. In addition, in today’s socio-political-linguistic context the Lingam doesn’t have the place that it deserves.

In the context of ‘Me too’ social phenomenon, the resurrection of sacred lingam becomes even more pertinent.

This resurrection of lingam is not only important in the context of the war of genders, but also in the context of the global imbalance that we can see on our planet Earth.

A castrated man can be easily controlled, manipulated and he will remain submitted. He is not able to become his own sovereign being. A man who can integrate his balls with his heart and his spirit can multiply his potential and he will remain beyond the grip of collective norms and needs.

He is a visionary, a legend, a warrior, a creator, a lover, a father, a brother, a son, a friend, a partner…

He is in profound erection and his erection symbolizes presence, vitality, power, authenticity and focus in his life.

I would like to end this text with a sentence from my Tantric mentor, Chetan: ‘the Lingam is not just the external expression but it continues go up inside our spinal cord, our internal flute’. For me, this holistic vision of lingam allows me to look at the external erection of my lingam as an extension of my being and ready to serve the humanity.